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June 7, 2019

May 30, 2019

March 22, 2019

September 28, 2017

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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My next song is soon ready for release!

September 8, 2017


I wrote this song called happy birthday ten years ago (!) for a very good friend's birthday at the time. I've kept on liking this song but I only had kind of a lousy mp3-version of it since the files of the project from back then were lost and distorted. So i figured that it deserved a new proper recording, ten years later...

Now there's only some mastering left to do and it can soon be released and listened to by you!

And hopefully be played for your birthdays!

The new version is very similar to the original except I changed the lyrics for the second verse to something much better and the stiff un-organic drum-machines from Reason i used back then are now replaced by the fabulous, very organic jazz-drummer Kristoffer Rostedt.

Everything was recorded in Studio Värmen here in Malmö except for the violins that i recorded in my flat.


Marthe Veian Andreassen took these lovely pictures that will not be used as the single-cover since there can only be one. (That she also took of course) But I wanted to show these "not to be used" anyway because she's such a good photographer.

It was a very very windy day in Malmö and I had bought balloons filled with helium to match the picture i had in my head of a clear blue sky, no wind, and me standing next to the ocean of Malmö with white balloons gently in the sky. However, the wind was so strong, blowing from the side that I could all the same have used balloons with no helium to get the same effect. We had a very great laugh though all day so the wind was well worth it.


I'm planning to do a music video for this song also but this time i will release the song only audio first and then come up with a video even though people seem to do the opposite.


















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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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